* A Party Like No Other! * Have Fun, Make Money*

With the price of gold as high as it is, this is a great time for you and your friends to take your unused gold and silver jewelry and turn it into cash!

A totally new twist on a home party—you leave with a check instead of writing one! If you can't make the party, drop off your goodies with your host or hostess prior.

Check this out! We recently shopped this gold to local jewelry, coin and pawn shops. Reputable shops were paying between $512 - $640. A newspaper/hotel ad outfit offered $145.

pays $1,115 for the same items! That's between $475 and $970 MORE!

How can we pay so much more? Simple, we have low overhead. Shops and ads are expensive. Plus, with quantity, we can ship out what we receive for a higher percentage and everyone wins.

The price of gold is high, the atmosphere is fun and comfortable, so recycle your precious metals for money you can use at

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Ding and dent Out of style
Single earrings Broken or kinked
Items you no longer wear or use Tarnished and unused sterling
Sterling flatware, bowls, monogrammed Chunky Mexican or Indian silver
Class rings Old memories better forgotten

Email: or call Sherry at 717.405.7317 after 6 pm weekdays, anytime weekends.
To see the 10 year historic gold prices, click here: KITCO